Are you looking for public records or records regarding your own case? To find the contact information specific to your case (e.g. child care, child support, children services, unemployment), please see the instructions for requesting records regarding your own case.

Information Collected

Information is collected by ODJFS across various program areas including:

  • Workforce Development
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Family Assistance
  • Childcare Services
  • Families and Children
  • Child Support

Most of what ODJFS collects can be shared in aggregate format that may include numerical or statistical data without identification of record level information that is legally protected and confidential. However, record level data is legally protected and confidential.

Examples of confidential and publicly available data are below:

Confidential Data

  • Names of individuals or businesses
  • Addresses of individuals and businesses
  • Social security numbers or other state and federal identification data
  • Personal information regarding applicants and recipients of services under ODJFS program areas

Publicly Available

  • Data on individuals and businesses which is aggregated and suppressed in a way that individuals and businesses cannot be identified
  • Industry Data

Who can request records

In general, any record maintained by a state or county government office in Ohio is public, unless it is exempted from treatment as a public record, or it is confidential according to state or federal law. In order to respond to a request for records, it must first be determined whether the information requested is a public record, or if it is exempted and not considered a public record and/or whether the information is confidential. Requests for records and data can come from many different sources, and it is necessary to determine whether the information requested is a public record, or if not, whether the information or data can be provided.

Some examples of common records requests received by ODJFS are as follows:

  • Local, state and federal government requests, including legislative inquiries and law enforcement
  • Media personnel requesting information or data through the Office of Communications
  • Government agencies, advocacy organizations, and the general public may request information or data
  • Colleges, universities, students, and other agencies to conduct research or analytics studies.

How to request data and what to expect

  1. Request data via the data request form
    To ensure quicker processing and more effective tracking, data requests need to be submitted (see Data Request Form section below). Each data requestor needs to submit the online Data Request Form provided and respond to the required questions for each request. Detailed responses will help process the request in the timeliest manner.
  2. Review by ODJFS program governance committee to assess allowability
    All data requests received are subject to review by the applicable program area’s governance committee within 30 days of submitting. The committee will assess the availability of data and the permissibility of the requests. Additionally, the request may require legal review to determine whether the information requested is a public record, or if not, whether there are state or federal laws that prohibit or limit the sharing of the information or data requested.
  3. ODJFS data owner may request further information, if applicable
    If additional information is requested, your request will be reviewed within 30 days of submitting the additional information.
  4. Decision
    Once the committee makes the decision to approve or deny the data request, the program area data representative will notify the requestor.
  5. Execute Data Sharing Agreement (DSA), if applicable
    Once approved by the governance committee, the data requestor, along with the data representative, will work with legal to prepare the DSA. Data cannot be shared until the DSA is signed by both ODJFS and the requesting party.
  6. Fulfill request
    Once the DSA has been executed, the request will be prepared and sent.  The time to fulfill a request will depend on the complexity and specifics of each request.
  7. Expirations/Renewals
    For any DSA not timely renewed, a certificate of destruction (Form JFS-01327) will need to be submitted.

Data Request Form

The purpose of this form is to collect information needed to process data requests from organizations and individuals.

To request this form, email

Requestor must include the following in the email or it may slow down the request:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Title
  • Organization
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Please allow 2 business days to receive the link to the online Data Request Form.

Once the form is submitted, the program data owner will review the request to determine if the requested data is available and if it can be shared within the confines of state and federal laws.

If the Data Request Form is not submitted within 30 days, the link will expire.


Please direct any questions to